♥♥ No trato de danzar mejor que nadie… Sólo trato de danzar al ritmo que marca la vida ♥♥

“Cada persona que pasa por nuestra vida es única ….

“Cada persona que pasa por nuestra vida es única. Siempre deja un poco de sí y se lleva un poco de nosotros. Habrá los que se llevarán mucho, pero no habrá de los que no nos dejarán nada. Esta es prueba evidente de que dos almas no se encuentran por casualidad”. (Jorge Luis Borges)….

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44 comentarios

  1. Beijos com carinho e ternura….Araan

    1 octubre, 2014 en 7:37

  2. Hoi, Hola Bernardita,
    Un hermoso texto de J. L. Borges. Toda la vida se compone de toma y daca, que comienza temprano en la mañana, mientras que el consumo de café en el …
    Saludos Ernst

    23 julio, 2014 en 5:28

  3. <3

    28 mayo, 2014 en 19:50

  4. como siempre muy romantic gre

    20 septiembre, 2013 en 20:42

  5. My dear friend Berny
    I would like to wish you a wonderful and relaxing evening
    and a good night with beautiful and sweet dreams later
    Always in my heart … Thank you for your love, friendship …
    A beautiful and magical start to the weekend
    A kiss my affection … and a warm hug … Manny

    10 enero, 2013 en 17:25

  6. For you, dear Friend … Berny

    Happy moments!

    Life is like a sunrise on the horizon
    a perpetual bloom on the soul and the heart
    Love and happy moments in the morning
    awaken the ghosts live again and again

    The day starts like how you put it himself firmly
    take your time for beautiful things in life
    take your time for yourself
    take your time for your heart and feel how good it is

    they take your time to think about it
    what you can change in life for you and your soul?
    because there are other things in this world
    for which it is worth to enjoy the live
    without bustle and hurry

    They say!
    if you only turn in circles
    it also can never change and what is

    have courage to live for new things in your
    no matter how old you are also … in the heart and in your thoughts
    are you young forever dear friend

    I wish a beautiful night and many sweet Dreams
    Kisses and Hugs whit Affection and Respect … Manny

    9 enero, 2013 en 21:52

  7. Hello my dear friend Berny
    I come to wish you a beautiful Wednesday afternoon
    and to say thank you to you from the heart for your loving friendship
    your entries and your time for me … A warm hug to you!

    friendships come and go
    like day and night
    I hope our friendship will always be steadfast
    as the sun rises every morning

    An enchanting evening dear and precious friend
    I wish you health and happiness for you always
    and your family … and a smile and lots of love in the heart
    my affection and a kiss with respect and friendship … Manny

    Dear Berny …
    Wowwww !!! Thank you so much for wonderful poem … I Love It So Much !!!

    9 enero, 2013 en 12:48

  8. Gracias amigo Manny !!

    Aquí estoy
    Cuando algún día te sientas solo y necesites una mano amiga, aquí estoy, toma la mía.

    Cuando una lágrima resbale y no encuentres un paño para limpiarla, aquí estoy, toma el mío.

    Cuando te sientas en la nada, y no sepas como sonreír, aquí estoy, toma mi risa….

    9 enero, 2013 en 2:41

    • como siempre romantica berny

      20 septiembre, 2013 en 20:38

  9. Hello my dear friend Berny
    I want to wish her a romantic evening
    and a good night with sweet dreams later
    Thank you for your love, friendship …
    and thank you for your entry and loving words in my blog
    Kisses and hugs with affection … Manny

    8 enero, 2013 en 18:19

  10. Dear friend … Berny
    an evening of love and cordiality and peace I wish you
    thank you for your wonderful friendship and your entries in my blog
    I wish you a good night later and sweet dreams …
    My affection and a kiss …

    Who bears the friendship in the heart is blessed
    I thank you for your loving friendship to me
    Always in my Heart … Manny

    7 enero, 2013 en 17:42

  11. Hello my dear and wonderful friend … Berny
    I wish a fantastic Sunday afternoon and evening
    Much Peace and Light and Love for you …
    A Smile … a Hugs … my affection for lovely Friendship
    A good start in new Week whit Sunshine in your Heart … Manny

    6 enero, 2013 en 12:02

  12. Hello my dear and special friend … Berny
    I wish a magical Saturday evening for you
    whit wonderful and lovely moments in your Heart
    later sweet dreams and a beautiful Night …
    Thank you so much for Precious and great Friendship
    in the new year 2013 … My affection whit a kiss … Manny

    5 enero, 2013 en 17:53

  13. Hello my dear friend and valuable … Berny
    I wish you a wonderful and loving weekend
    Thank you for your love, friendship and visits to my blog
    A kiss a warm hug … my affection
    always in my heart … sweet dreams and a good night later :)

    4 enero, 2013 en 17:30

  14. Hello my wonderful friend … Berny
    I wish you a beautiful Thursday afternoon with love and peace in the heart
    Thank you for your beautiful friendship … Hugs and affection
    one kiss … Manny

    3 enero, 2013 en 13:53

  15. Good evening dear friend … Berny
    I wish for tomorrow … A Happy New Year 2013
    Health for you and your family … The blessing of God … Love and happiness
    always in your Heart … Thanks for your precious Friendship …
    Your friendship is in my Heart … My affection with Respect
    one kiss and a loving embrace … Thank you … Sweet dreams and good night … Manny

    Request for forgiveness
    I was a few days in a chalet with friends invited
    beautiful and there was still much snow … lol

    30 diciembre, 2012 en 19:01

  16. Hello my dear and sweet friends … Berny
    today is a special day for all people
    Love gives and help the people who are not as fortunate to have this world
    and gives peace to all people in this world …
    Lights a candle and think of the people who are no longer with us
    whether children or adults, or pets … they too deserve always
    place in our hearts
    I wish you a nice Merry Christmas …
    I say thank you for your beautiful and precious friendship
    I say thank you for your time in my blog and your lovely entries
    and I say thank you … that you exist …
    In love and respect as my affection for you always dear friend

    24 diciembre, 2012 en 13:28

  17. Hello my dear friend … Berny
    I wish you a wonderful 4 Advent Sunday
    and a happy Merry Christmas
    Love in the heart and peace in the world … A kiss and a hug
    and my affection and respect always for you my dear friend!

    I am your Angel
    which in this and every moment with you.
    I’m here to remind you,
    that you, the source of all being
    God of creation,
    or whatever you may call it whatever,
    infinitely loved going!
    – No matter what you do or think,
    no matter what religion is you.
    You are loved, just as you are,
    simply because you exist
    and you are a part of God.
    You are never alone.
    remember it every day
    and feel the love
    The Guides are
    I love you
    I am your Angel

    23 diciembre, 2012 en 16:03

  18. Hello my dear friend … Berny
    I want to wish you a wonderful Friday afternoon
    and later a Magical evening with love and light and peace …
    Thank you for your loving friendship and wonderful entries
    always in my Heart … my Affection with a Kiss and a warm Hug
    Love & Respect … Manny

    21 diciembre, 2012 en 13:29

  19. Dear and wonderful friend … Berny:)
    A magical and beautiful Thursday evening
    I wish you a good night later with dreams full of love and peace in your Hearts
    A beautiful start to the Weekend my dear friend … A kiss and hugs
    with affection and Respect … always in my Heart … Manny

    20 diciembre, 2012 en 19:30

  20. Gracias Manny ;

    Que nunca te falte:
    un sueño por el que luchar,
    un proyecto que realizar,
    algo que aprender,
    un lugar a donde ir,
    y alguien a quien querer.
    P.D. Yo te quiero mucho<3

    19 diciembre, 2012 en 19:58

    • Thank you sweet and dear Berny …
      Kisses whit affection and a hug … Manny

      19 diciembre, 2012 en 20:03

  21. Dearest and precious friend … Berny …
    my wish for you on Wednesday
    light and love, peace and always a smile on your face
    a contemplative and relaxing evening my lovely friend
    An angel kiss from my heart to you with affection and respect
    A warm hug … Manny

    Thank you dear Berny for all … You always a great Friend !!!

    19 diciembre, 2012 en 17:06

  22. Gran abrazo para usted mi buen amigo Manny :)

    19 diciembre, 2012 en 1:04

  23. Dear sweet and wonderful friend … Berny … Thank you !!!
    I wish you a relaxing and peaceful Tuesday evening
    Thank you for nice friendship … kisses and hugs
    and a good night later whit many sweet dreams …
    My affection and Respect … Always in my Heart … Manny

    18 diciembre, 2012 en 18:02

  24. ………. /)
    ……… ( , ).mantengamos esta velita
    ….….|░░░|encendida en cada
    ……..|░░░|uno de nuestro corazones
    …..@|░░░|para terminar alumbrando
    .˜“¤,,|░░░.el 2012 y empezar un 2013
    …¨˜“გª¤…lleno de LUZ Y BENDICIONES
    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.❤☼¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ¸.✻´´¯`Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ¸.✻´´¯`CON CARIÑO… BERNY ✿ .♥´¸¸♥´¯`•->❥❥❥º ☆.¸¸. ✿✿.¸¸♥´¯`•->❥❥❥¸.♥´(¸.✿ .♥´¸¸♥´¯`•->❥❥❥º ☆.¸¸. ✿✿.¸¸♥´¯`•->❥

    18 diciembre, 2012 en 4:02

  25. Dear and beautiful friend Berny … A magical evening
    and i wish you a new week full of love and peace and light
    It is beautiful in this world so dear friends here have
    and it is my honor to be able to make them one entries
    Respect and friendship … love and affection and a kiss
    always in my heart dear friend … Thank you! … Manny

    17 diciembre, 2012 en 16:38

  26. My sweet and wonderful friend Berny … Thank you !!!
    I wish a magical 3 Advent whit much Love and sweet moments …
    Thank you for wonderful Greetings and so sweet Emails for me … I love it !!!
    Much affection and a big hugs from my Heart my dear and special Friend …
    Big Kiss … and a wonderful and peaceful new start in the new Week … Manny

    16 diciembre, 2012 en 17:20

  27. Gracias Manny …. beso + abrazo :)

    16 diciembre, 2012 en 0:55

  28. Hello my sweet and lovely friend … Berny
    I wish for tomorrow a beautiful 3 Advent
    Thank you so much for your great friendship to me
    Thank you so much for always wonderful Entries in my Blog
    And Thank you so much for your time for me !!!
    Happy weekend and later sweet dreams my lovely Friend
    Always in my Heart …A kiss and a warm embrace my affection … your Friend

    The angel in the light
    Did you see the angels of light?
    He gently floats through the night in the world.
    Lodged with the sad, his hand on a moan,
    looks full of understanding,
    in the eyes of the desperate,
    be comforting word.

    Did you see the angels of light?
    Here he was, there he was, wherever he was.
    He floats through the nights of the world,
    spread deep into the darkness,
    the seeds of the eternal morning.
    He appears in His light
    silent with you, in any distress

    Did you see the angels of light?
    He’s wearing your night in his hands.
    Listening to your heart
    there you will find him!


    15 diciembre, 2012 en 18:15

  29. Dear and wonderful friend … Berny
    I wish today for a beautiful and peaceful Christmas time
    To celebrate Christmas in the security of the family,
    is nowadays probably the most beautiful of all gifts
    Always in my Heart dear and sweet friend …
    A big kiss with a very loving hug and my affection
    in friendship and Respect … Manny

    14 diciembre, 2012 en 15:37

    • Gracias mi buen amigo …. beso + abrazo <3

      14 diciembre, 2012 en 15:53

  30. My Dear And Sweet Friend … Berny …. You My Backround … You Thief …
    A Wonderful And Peaceful Evening & Later A Good Night & Sweet Dreams
    Friendship & Respekt & Love & Happiness In Your Heart … My Affection …
    A Kiss And A Warm Embrace … Thank You For Special Friendship … Manny

    13 diciembre, 2012 en 14:55

  31. I wish you dear friend … Berny
    one afternoon full of love and peace in your heart
    I embrace you and say thank you for love and wonderful friendship
    Always in my Heart! Affection and Respect … Love and Peace … A big kiss
    and later magical and sweet dreams … Manny

    Whatever you can do or dream you can,
    start it.
    Boldness has genius, power and magic.

    May all your skies be blue,
    May all your dreams come true,
    May all your friends really true friends
    and all your joys be perfect
    like happiness and laughter fill all your days
    themselves may all your dreams come true!

    12 diciembre, 2012 en 13:51

  32. 11 diciembre, 2012 en 22:12

  33. Hello sweet and beautiful friend … Berny … Hey my backround … lol:)
    An evening full of love and happy moments in your heart
    Thank you for your beautiful Friendship <<>>
    A happy and peaceful good night with a dream of endearment
    friendship and affection with respect and an affectionate hug in love

    11 diciembre, 2012 en 17:16

    • uppix.com

      13 diciembre, 2012 en 15:38

  34. My sweet and lovely friend … Berny
    I wish you a magical and peaceful new week
    I say thank you for loving and caring Friendship and entries
    A hug your dear Soul and a kiss with love and Friendship
    Always in my Heart … Good night and beautiful dreams … Manny

    10 diciembre, 2012 en 20:13

  35. Hello my dear friend … Berny
    A contemplative and beautiful 2 Advent I wish you and your family
    Love and peace in the heart forever … A good night later sweet Friend …
    And a happy new week with a smile on your face …
    My friendship and affection with a big kiss … Hug … Manny

    9 diciembre, 2012 en 15:37

  36. Hello my dear and lovely friend … Berny … Thank you :)
    I wish you a Romantic and loving Saturday evening
    with sweet and happy moments in your Heart …
    Later, my beautiful Friend … many sweet dreams … and Good night … my Affection
    and a warm hug … Thank you for your love Friendship to me … A big Kiss … Manny

    8 diciembre, 2012 en 17:59

  37. Louis

    26 mayo, 2012 en 4:45

  38. Cuando el jilguero no puede cantar.
    Cuando el poeta es un peregrino,
    cuando de nada nos sirve rezar.
    “Caminante no hay camino,
    se hace camino al andar…”
    Golpe a golpe, verso a verso.
    Antonio Machado

    22 abril, 2011 en 21:29

  39. Hermosa observación Bernardita, siempre hay alguien para cada uno de nosotros, incluso si somos únicos en nuestra manera

    11 abril, 2011 en 10:13

  40. ¸.´¸.´¨) ¸.*¨)
    (¸.´ (¸.´ .´holaaaa!
    ….o°°O…..o ☆º☆º☆ Buen Dia ☆º☆º☆
    ……. ·.¸.·´
    …. (
    / ……° o o o O
    º☆º besitos!!!

    9 abril, 2011 en 18:21

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